Athletic Fit Dress Pants vs. Stretch Dress Pants

Athletic fit stretch suit pants are built for comfort and have a professional look, while stretch dress pants only have comfort in mind - ending up looking slouchy and unprofessional.

Ask any male athlete - pro, college, or the guy who is conscious about his fitness - about their experience buying stretch suit pants and you are guaranteed to receive a similar, frustrated response. Although the wording of this frustration may differ, the overall consensus is the same: off-the-rack stretch dress pants simply do not accommodate those with an athletic build. Even some brands try to dive into the athletic fit dress pants, but somehow they miss the mark - leaving their pants looking more casual and unprofessional. Here is the issue: companies are trying to cater to this demographic in two ways that are just not working.

The first problem is that big brands try to use the “stretch” material without actually changing the shape of their pants. Standard dress pants have conventional sizing that leads men to resort to spending a fortune on tailoring to make them fit perfectly, whether they are made with stretch fabric or not. Without tailoring, athletic men may have to size up to accommodate for more room in the seat and thighs, resulting in a boxy-looking and loose fit.

The second problem these big brands have is that their stretch dress pants do not come off as looking professional. These stretch fabric and athletic fit pants may feel amazing, but they definitely do not look professional enough for the business world. Every guy wants to walk into the office wearing stretch suit pants feeling like he’s wearing sweatpants, but no guy wants to actually look like he’s wearing sweatpants too.

S&L Athletic Fit Stretch Suit Pants

Our athletic fit stretch suit pants solve both of these problems. Built on the forefront of fit, comfort and a professional look, these pants are perfect for men with an athletic build. Our athletic fit stretch suit pants provide more room in the seat, thighs, and quads, while looking to achieve a tapered look. These athletic fit stretch suit pants are also low maintenance and wrinkle free, while the insane amount of stretch in these slacks allow them to be worn tailored without sacrificing comfort.

Although professional athletes are ideal for these athletic fit stretch pants, this should not deter the everyday guy who takes care of his body from wearing these pants. If a guy has muscular legs or just love the feel of comfort with the professional look, these stretch pants will be ideal. At the end of the day, clothing is just a canvas for the body, and with a true athletic fit, these stretch dress pants reward those who put in the extra work to take care of their figure.

"Professional looking dress pants with the comfort and feel of my favorite sweat pants. These are the first pair of pants that I did not have to size up on my waist so they would fit my thighs while still having a nice taper at the ankle. No surprise, they are the go-to for me and my teammates - especially when we are on the road."

— George Springer, World Series MVP

If these problems speak to you and you're looking to try out a new pair of athletic fit stretch suit pants, please check them out on our website!