A Dress Shirt for BodyBuilders

As a new customer to State and Liberty, I reached out to them shortly after my first purchase raving about their athletic fit dress shirts. My email contained pure jubilation that I found their company and I thanked them for filling a huge void in my life by providing dress clothes for bodybuilders like myself. In turn, they asked me to write a blog post about my experience as a bodybuilder and finding a properly fitting dress shirt - which I was happy to do. Enjoy.

For those of us men endowed with the blood-fire passion for all forms of athletics whether it be competitive sports, bodybuilding (like myself), Olympic lifting, or the determined gym goer, we know that our bodies adapt, change, harden and grow to meet the demands of our will to progress.

I am, of course, talking about clothes, and more specifically dress clothes, that fit us and contour to our unique shapes and sizes body builders figure express. The hardship is tangible for us bodybuilders that carry muscularity or aesthetically proportioned physiques from the constructive efforts of our chosen athletic avenue.

In our plight for the win - either against others or ourselves - comes a sacrifice that bodybuilders know all too well and most markets fail to even recognize. This sacrifice, amongst others we make as bodybuilders, may be small and one we are proudly willing to accept, however, still needs to be recognized and addressed

As bodybuilders, our chest and shoulders are wider, arms bigger and backs are “V” shaped with our legs being fuller and deeper which makes finding shirts that fit these features a hardship. If your quads are bigger than your waist then you know finding a pair of dress pants that fit to be a joke laughable endeavor, and most dress shirts hang off our chest and shoulders like we are wearing a nightgown.

Designed by athletes for athletes, State and Liberty Clothing Co. has helped bridge the dress clothes pitfall by offering dress shirts that are tapered and consist of state-of-the-art fabrics that stretch and contour to meet the constitution of a bodybuilder. For whatever occasion to look dapper and debonair, State and Liberty is there to offer a wide variety of shirts with modern styles, sizes, and colors. It’s not a triviality nor is it too much to ask to want our dress shirts to contour and taper to our body styles. Fortunately, this desire was recognized by a few of our own with the ambition of offering just such a shirt - and with this State and Liberty Clothing Co. has come into my life.

I felt a sigh of relief when I tried one of their shirts for the first time and knew I could finally fill a severely dilapidated dress shirt wardrobe. I have nothing but gratitude towards State and Liberty Clothing Co. for finally making a dress shirt for a bodybuilder. I wish them nothing but success and look forward to their future styles and products.

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