The Common Clothing Issue for Muscular Guys

If you are a muscular guy that consistently puts in the work at the gym, you are fully aware of the struggle of buying clothes that fit right, especially dress shirts. It’s always the same story that you can never find an athletic fit that comfortably hugs your waist while showing off your muscular chest, muscular neck and muscular arms. 

Think about how hard you have worked to achieve a muscular physique, the hours you’ve put in, the sacrifice… Not everyone is willing to do that. You are in an elite class that consists of a few individuals, no wonder why nobody makes clothes for guys like you, especially not button downs.

The Problem 

Muscular men are always seen wearing clothes, and specifically dress shirts, that are always way too big. Most often, these muscular guys buy these oversized shirts to ensure that they fit over their muscular chest, shoulders, and arms, but this forces them to sacrifice a nice taper through the midsection to fit a lean waist. This fit undoubtedly results in a boxy dress shirt that doesn't show off the shape of a muscular build.

The Only 2 Solutions 

When it comes down to muscular men getting a perfect fitting dress shirt, there are really only two ways, and both are expensive. The first solution is buying custom-made button down, which can cost upwards of $150-$200. The second solution is to buy a "boxy" fitting shirt and bring it down to the local tailor to have them tighten up, which can also be very expensive both time-wise and monetarily. Even if you do get a custom or fully tailored clothes, you still end up looking for that perfect dress shirt to hug your upper body and arms for the best-tailored fit. Typically, however, most dress shirts are made of cotton, which is not only uncomfortable but also incredibly restricting when trying to get that perfect fit.

The New Solution 

We are State and Liberty, and we make the best dress clothes for muscular guys with our athletic fitting dress shirts. What is an athletic fit? It is a fit that provides more room in the upper body with slightly lower arm holes and an extremely tailored waist. Darts in the back of this dress shirt pull the fabric in, eliminating billowing and any excess fabric when tucked in. 

This Athletic fit is meant to be worn tailored so that is hugs the body and best to show off a muscular build.  In addition, our dress shirt fabric provides 4-way stretch so the dress shirt can be worn snug while providing extreme comfort for everyday movements. We are a company that is on a mission to provide muscular guys with a great fitting, professional looking, comfortable dress shirt. 

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