State and Liberty Athletic Fit Dress Shirts 

We are University of Michigan graduates who are on a mission to provide athletes a true athletic fit dress shirt with superior feel and comfort. After being disappointed and frustrated with all other dress shirts on the market, we launched State & Liberty Clothing Company in January of 2015. By focusing on fit, feel and a professional look, we have created the best athletic fit dress shirt on the market.  

Off the rack dress shirts are built for the masses. We make an athletic fit dress shirt that naturally fits the body without the costs and inconvenience of custom tailoring. With room in the shoulders, chest, and arms along with a tailored waist and back darts, State & Liberty athletic fit dress shirts reward those that take care of their bodies. Our fit is meant to be worn very tailored that will hug the body and our fabric makes this fit comfortable.

To provide a superior feel, our shirts are crafted from Athletic Performance Fabric.  The Nylon/Poly/Spandex blend is the most advanced fabric in the world and provides numerous advantages over traditional cotton. The fabric is moisture wicking, temperature regulating, odor resistant, wrinkle free and has four-way stretch for maximum comfort. These athletic fit dress shirts are machine washable and immediately ready to wear in any circumstance.  

In addition to our fit and fabric, our construction is top of the line. Each State & Liberty dress shirt is hand stitched and expertly crafted to provide a quality shirt that will stand the test of time. Our collars, cuffs, and plackets have all been double fused with stiffening fabric.  We didn’t know what that meant when we started, but for you, it means a strong, crisp appearance.

We are proud that State & Liberty dress shirts are worn by professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, and numerous others at the top of their respective fields. As a company, we are committed to providing athletes in all professions the look, fit and feel they deserve in a dress shirt.

For more on the brand and what we stand for, you can check out our video below or check out our Wikipedia page here.  We appreciate the ongoing support and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback, comments, questions or ideas.

Thank you,