With our overcoats held to our highest quality and having the ability to withstand the test of time, caring for them correctly is critical. Here are some care for instructions that will ensure your overcoats are looking their best after cleaning and maintain their quality over their lifetime.





Our recommended care instructions:

  • Delicately hand wash and use a cold, delicate cycle
  • Hang to dry

Additional Care Tips:

  • If your coat gets oil stains on the collar, feel free to rub detergent or stain remover directly on the stain to clean it up, and then wash on a cold, delicate cycle

Experiencing a few small creases or wrinkles?

  1. Steam the Overcoat (be careful to not have the spout directly on the fabric) 
  2. Iron the Overcoat on the lowest possible heat setting, pressing very gently down on the fabric (Please note that ironing with too hot of an iron can burn through the fabric). Please be careful.

Thank you and enjoy your S & L Overcoat!

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us at support@stateandliberty.com