This past weekend we launched our fall collection shirts and named one of our shirts "The Matzka" after our dear friend Scott Matzka.  Scott is a former University of Michigan hockey player that was diagnosed with ALS one year ago after a 10 year professional hockey career.

Every time "The Matzka" is sold we are going to be donating a portion of that sale to the Matzka family. Unfortunately, ALS steals - everything from the capacity to speak, smile, laugh, hug, eat, and drink to the money necessary to care for pALS (person with ALS).

We are honored to be able to do a small part in helping Scott and his family through this time. 

To learn more about Scott's story you can check it out here at and if you are looking to make an outside donation to the Matzka family, visit

You can shop the Matzka here.